Legal Matters: From Harvard Law Veterans to Contract Breaches

Listen up y’all, let’s talk about the law
Whether you’re a Harvard Law vet or just a rookie, no flaw
You need to know your rights and understand the scene
From software license agreements to what a court reporter means

Let’s start with Harvard Law veterans
Yeah, they’re out there, supporting the military
Helping them with legal matters, that’s their duty
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Now, let’s talk about the Alden Court lawsuit
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What does a court reporter do, you ask?
Well, it’s more than taking notes, that’s the task
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Next, let’s talk about malicious prosecution
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And if you need a contract for the lease of residential real property
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Well, that’s all for now, I hope you learned something new
About legal matters, they’re real, they’re not just a few
Stay informed and know your rights, that’s the deal
From Harvard Law veterans to contract breaches, it’s all real