21st Century Celebrity Dialogue Style Communication
Kim Kardashian

Kim: Hey Beyoncé, have you ever thought about pursuing jobs in court? I’ve been looking into it and it seems really intriguing.

Beyoncé: Hi Kim, that’s interesting. I actually have. I was curious about the differences between Louisiana law and common law. It’s such a fascinating topic.

Kim: Absolutely! And speaking of legal matters, do you know how much tax one has to pay in Kenya? I’ve been looking into investing there.

Beyoncé: I think it’s important to understand the legal terms and conditions when entering any agreement, especially when it comes to investments.

Barack Obama

Barack: Hey LeBron, have you looked into getting a car loan after a debt agreement? I know you’re into investing in different ventures.

LeBron: Hi Barack, I have. I’ve also been advocating for the legalization of marijuana. There are so many reasons why it should be legal.

Barack: That’s a great point. I think it’s important to have a solid contractor agreement in place when dealing with such issues. You never know what legal implications might arise.

LeBron: Absolutely, Barack. That’s why it’s crucial to have access to expert legal services to guide you through the process.